Dr Sudheer Singh of India talks about Pain Management Course

Feedback about Pain management fellowship course at Daradia Pain Clinic. He is very happy with the teaching of Dr. Gautam Das and his expectations are fulfilled. He recommends this pain management course to colleague and juniors. 

Dr Akwasi From Ghana recommends pain management course

Feedback by Dr. Akwasi Kusi about Pain management course by Daradia Pain Clinic. He recommend this course for his juniors.

Dr Khaleed From Libya talks about pain management course

Dr Khaleed From Libya talks about pain management course at Daradia. He tells that it is fantastic, 2nd to none in the world. He recommends that all anesthesiologist should come to daradia to do this pain management course.

Dr. Sorte, Neurosurgeon of Bhopal talks about course

Dr. Sorte, Neurosurgeon from Bhopal did interventional pain management course at Daradia in 2009. He was sharing his experience, that diagnosis & evaluation has been stressed maximally in this course. But time been given for interventional pain management procedures on mannequin also. Interventional pain management procedures has been demonstrated in real patients at live interventional pain management workshops during this 14 days pain management fellowship course.